NTSE Exam preparation for class 10th

You can practice for  NTSE previous year questions here. These questions are based on students memory. NTSE practice questions are provided for the following subjects-

The NTSE examination is one of the toughest examinations of India in which lakhs of students participate each year. Amidst so much competition it is not easy to get into the merit list. Hence the students who wish to sit in the exam should properly plan their NTSE exam preparation class 10 so as to excel in the exam. Following tips may help you in preparing for the exam.

  1. Follow the NCERT syllabus

You need to follow the NCERT textbooks of Class IX and X to prepare for the exam. These provide you the basic syllabus that must be covered. Hence a thorough study of these is a must. You can always widen your knowledge using reference books that will further help you sharpen your skills and ability.

2   Solve NTSE last years’ papers and sample papers

Going through previous examination papers helps in understanding the type of questions asked and know your current level. There are numerous sample and mock papers available that help you time yourself according to the examination and know which section you need to work on as far as speed is concerned.

3   Analyse your Performance

The main purpose of taking a test is to be able to access oneself. Thus, after every test make sure to analyze your performance, know which topics you struggled with, what problems you faced and find out corrective solutions.

4  Practice

The major and most important step is to practice. Practice every day to increase your efficiency and knowledge that would take you through the examination. Open yourself to vast questions,  do discussions, solve papers and try to incorporate better measures to make your study fruitful.

NTSE Maths Questions

The questions asked in the maths section are quite simple and logical based on the syllabus covered in class IX and X. The tip would be to maintain your accuracy along with speed.

NTSE Science Questions:

For sciences, you need to be thorough in your basic knowledge of Physics, Chemistry and Biology. Learn about conversions, SI units in Physics; Chemistry section mostly includes questions related to naturally occurring chemicals and in Biology questions related to human body structure and life processes are generally asked. Key here would be also to go according to the NCERT syllabus.

NTSE Social Science Questions:

To prepare for Social Sciences curate your study according to the syllabus provided by NCERT. The questions test your basic knowledge about the subject and are based more on facts.

NTSE MAT Questions:

These questions check your general logic and reasoning ability. The key to excel in this section is practice. The more you practice the more you would be able to visualize and evaluate.

If you start preparing for the exam in-time and practice regularly, qualifying NTSE is not a tough job. The questions asked, test your basic knowledge and intellect.

Besides scholarship, the name that appears in the merit list of the Exam greatly boosts the confidence of a student who is yet to face the aggressive competition and has to sit in numerous such high-level competitions ahead. Thus, students are advised to participate in such examinations that help them identify their skills and prepare them for the future.


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